Recommendations for the 3 Strongest Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends

Recommendations for the 3 Strongest Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends

The Mobile Legends game is getting more interesting to play from time to time because it presents many new heroes with great damage that can be relied on to increase the ranking. In order not to make Mobile Legends fans easily bored, of course new hero skins are presented that are interesting and attract attention. In this article, we will discuss the best Marksman heroes who can be relied on to win Classic or Ranked mode games. For those of you who use the loyal Marksman hero, it is suitable to take part in this discussion. Here are 3 recommended popular Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends.

3 Best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends 2024


Granger is one of the Marksman heroes who has the skill of shooting at a fairly wide range and high burst damage. The characteristics of this hero are similar to those of Client and Lesley, so you don’t need to be confused about choosing another hero when your Marksman hero is hit or has been chosen by another member. If you use Granger as your first opportunity, of course there is no need to hesitate because this hero is not difficult to control. Entering the start of the game, Granger controllers can paralyze forest monsters to level up more easily and unlock Ultimate skills more quickly.

It would be good if you knew some of the advantages of the Granger hero so that it would make you more confident in playing. Here’s the summary:

  • High Burst Damage
    Granger has 6 bullets which will reload automatically after use. The 6th shot will produce 100% critical damage which removes 1/2 of the enemy’s blood. Players can also use 6 bullets at once by activating skill 1. Skill 2 can increase Granger’s basic attack, so it will provide an opportunity to finish off the opponent more easily.
  • Long Range Attack
    Granger’s Ultimate Skill is that he can carry out long-range shooting attacks which are effective in injuring or paralyzing opponents. With this skill, players can have high confidence in winning the game. This skill can lock onto enemies who are trying to escape.
  • Marksman OP in Early-Mid Game
    Marksman heroes generally have very weak characteristics in the early game, but are strong in the late game. But this is different from the hero Granger who is equipped with strong skills to deal well with the beginning to the middle of the game. Please note that in the late game, Granger is not very strong because the opponent’s abilities continue to increase. Therefore, Granger needs to improve teamwork in order to win the game.
  • Easy to use
    Players can use the Granger hero quite easily and is equipped with skills that are simple to master. When using this hero, pay attention to the distance and see the condition of the bullets you have. Don’t get too close when attacking your opponent, because when the bullets run out Granger won’t be able to attack for some time.

The Granger hero’s weakness lies in his low speed, so it is quite difficult for him to escape from his opponent’s grip. Therefore, make sure to bring Flicker which will help Granger escape faster before he runs out of blood. Avoid fighting when you meet Assassin heroes and Locker heroes like Zilong who easily beat Granger.


Natan has quite unique abilities as a Marksman hero with quite extensive attack damage. Nathan’s punches will feel even more painful as the late game progresses. With a complete collection of emblems and a max level of 15, Natan is quite feared by his enemies. Let’s look at some discussions about the advantages of the hero Natan which will make you not regret using this hero. Following is the discussion:

  • Has Annoying Crowd Control
    Natan’s movements are quite fast, which can certainly disturb the opposing team’s focus. On this occasion, Natan was able to lock the opponent so he couldn’t do anything for a few seconds which allowed Natan and his team to paralyze the enemy effectively. This is a unique ability that is not found in other Marksman heroes.
  • Has Great Damage
    Attacking the opponent using basic attacks several times and activating any skill will finish off the enemy in a matter of seconds. With the support of gaining power from forest monsters, Natan can win kills continuously. Because of his great strength, this hero is often banded in ranked battles.
  • High Attack Speed
    Having fast movements allows Natan to escape from the opponent’s encirclement so he can avoid being killed. Having large damage attacks and being able to dodge enemies, makes Natan the best hero for increasing ranking. However, Natan users must always be alert because the heal resistance is not too strong.
  • Can Use Hybrid Build
    Natan has Physical attack and Magical attack which makes it possible to use a Hybrid Build. This makes Natan able to carry the team quite well. Apart from that, Natan can also kill Lord monsters alone and is suitable for hunting other forest monsters to increase his damage power.

Behind the tough hero Natan, of course there are weaknesses that can make him lose easily when faced with the Assassin hero. To paralyze the opponent’s hero, it is highly recommended that Natan users improve teamwork so they can win the game more easily.


If this is your first time using the Beatrix hero, there is no need to hesitate to try it. Before starting the ranked battle, you can join Classic mode so you can learn Beatrix’s character well and precisely. Having shooting skills with a fairly wide range gives this hero the opportunity to paralyze enemies from a distance. With her Ultimate skill, Beatrix can lock targets with multiple shots. This is the reason many Mobile Legends players increasingly rely on Beatrix to play.

To be more confident in using the Beatrix hero, you need to know the advantages of this hero so you can win the game more easily. Below are some reviews regarding the advantages of the hero Beatrix:

  • Great Damage
    There is no doubt that Beatrix has great damage which can defeat enemies quickly when entering the late game. With a maximum level of 15 that has been obtained, Beatrix’s basic attack makes the enemy feel even more painful. Supported by the 2nd skill, it will speed up Beatrix’s movements in shooting, making it difficult for the enemy to avoid attacks.
  • High Crowd Control
    The ultimate in the 3rd skill allows Beatrix to lock on the target she wants to hunt. This fairly wide range makes the enemy unable to move for a few moments, so team members can help to finish off the target quickly. It’s not surprising that this hero can dominate the game and carry the team well.
  • Manaless Marksman
    Beatrix is ​​a Marksman hero who does not use Mana, so she will not rely on Mana Regen or Purple Buff items when attacking enemies. Apart from that, Beatrix doesn’t need to always recall to recover, because she can increase her HP again with her Life Steal.

Having a tough appearance, it is possible that Beatrix has no weaknesses. When starting the game, Beatrix’s performance is quite weak so it is not recommended to attack enemies individually. Please note that Beatrix users must avoid Assassin heroes or heroes who have high Burst Damage who can defeat Beatrix easily.

That is information about the 3 best Marksman Heroes in Mobile Legends that are recommended for you to win the game. Come on, find a Hero that suits your abilities through Classic game mode using the hero recommendations above.